Will Electric Cars Thrive?

Many people are unaware of the history behind electric cars and so they think that it is a modern invention. The electric car was invented to give an alternative to vehicles that run on gasoline which was expensive at that time but when the price of gasoline became affordable to the average person, then it lost its popularity until today. Today, gasoline prices are up once again and so companies that have adopted electric cars are nor reaping benefits of the low cost of electricity.

However, it would be more expensive to buy an electric car than to buy a regular gasoline -run car. With an electric car, you spends hundreds of dollars per kilowatt hour for your battery pack. The high cost of electric cars is also due to the cost of the battery pack that comes with it. But the cost of electricity is so much lower than the cost of gasoline and this is an important consideration. With electric cars maintenance is almost negligible.

Electric cars are perfect commuter cars since they can go 100 miles on a charge. Most people drive an average of 30 to 40 miles each day so electric cars are perfect for them For two car households, they can use one car for their local commuting while the other can be used for long distance rides.

You can charge your electric car with a charging device hard wired into 220 volts or with a 110 volt outlet. Whatever amount of power you lose during the daily, by simply charging it overnight, the battery power will be restored to 100%.

If you are using a lithium battery pack, then it carries a warranty of 8 to 10 years. However, some batteries can last more than 10 years. Today, manufacturers are using lithium-iron phosphate battery packs. This type of battery last longer than lithium-ion and it is more robust and safer.

There are many electric car dealers that you can find in the country in case you are interested to purchase one. These electric car dealers also deal electric trucks and electric bikes and they serve the consumer and commercial markets. You only spend 2 cents per mile on electric cars as its normal operating cost and charging is not a problem since its ca be charged on standard 110 volt home outlet. If you need financing, then these electric car dealers offer low rate financing on a lease program which is custom designed for your need.

Electric cars can be popular for a long time given that the cost of gasoline is very expensive. With an electric car, you can simply charge it overnight and it is good to go and it is also a very low maintenance car. If you visit your electric car dealer, then you can choose the best electric car in the market today.

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